Jerry Campbell, Sr. CX Manager at 7-Eleven on the Importance of Knowledge Management and its Link to Customer Experience

Jerry Campbell, Sr. CX Manager at 7-Eleven shares his insights on how knowledge management drives everything we do in a customer experience journey. At 7-Eleven he drives consistent messaging for customers and is joining our Knowledge Management Summit on November 11th, 2020.

Jerry Campbell is the Head of Customer Experience (CX) and Social Engagement at 7−Eleven. In this role, he leads a team that delivers a “World Class” Customer Service and Customer Experience through an omni-channel approach. Jerry transformed 7−Eleven CX to include a social media care team designed to meet and delight customers in their current space; resulting in a positive and seamless near real-time customer experience. Before his 7−Eleven experience, as a senior workforce manager for CitiBank, Jerry coordinated with external business partners to institute a Customer Listening and Engagement strategy providing optimal social media engagement solutions incorporated into call center operations.

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