Joanna Deffner, IT Enablement Supervisor at COUNTRY Financial on the Importance of Knowledge Management in the New Virtual Workforce of 2020

Joanna Deffner, IT Enablement Supervisor of COUNTRY Financial, shares her insights on why knowledge management is critical now more than ever. With the looming pandemic, the new shift to online makes it important to have a strong virtual presence in order to provide customers with the right information when they cannot be serviced in person.

Joanna Defner is an IT Enablement Supervisor at COUNTRY Financial partnering across the enterprise to deliver engineering capabilities that enable DevOps, continuous integration/continuous development, as well as Information Technology Knowledge and Service Management practices. After spending over a decade in IT and KM, Joanna believes KM and CX are the key drivers of an organization’s success. Joanna has implemented KM solutions with various financial and higher education institutions over her career, supported CX applications, and championed nation-wide KM user groups.


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