Lisa Buonocore, Director Learning Technology at Unum on the Importance of Knowledge Management in 2020

Lisa Buonocore, Director Learning Technology at Unum discusses the importance of knowledge management in 2020. Knowledge management is more important than ever as we evolve to a virtual workforce. We can no longer rely on colleagues sitting next to us, making easy access critical.

Lisa Buonocore is the Director of Learning Technology at Unum supporting enterprise learning and development platforms. In her nine years at Unum, Lisa has led learning solutions teams for enterprise HR, Unum US Sales as well as Colonial Life Sales. She has implemented several learning platforms, including KMS Lighthouse which was implemented in four months across 20 departments. This latest implementation is a great example of leveraging a technology platform to transform performance support. Lisa is a mom of three in Portland, ME and holds a MEd from the University of South Carolina and BS from Bentley University.

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