Making a Difference in Moments that Matter

One of the leading global manufacturers of medical equipment, GE Healthcare, is regulated by the FDA, and was keeping totally different documentation across 4 business lines and 24 modalities of business. KMS Lighthouse, brought in by TTECH, streamlined the knowledge management process to get accessible, easy to use, accurate, and critical information for agents on the phone in life-saving situations.

In this interview, Burgoyne said that if it were Christmas, he would have nothing to ask from Santa because this KMS platform is taking care of all GE Healthcare Cares Call Center needs by providing a high availability platform, simple governance, ease-of-use for agents without any training, and a simple workflow to get through regardless of the nature of the call. He also says that through their partnership with KMS Lighthouse, GE Healthcare achieved their two-fold goals: reduced error rate and cut training time in half.


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