What makes Lighthouse unique?

Interview: LaShawn Fugate, Account Executive, KM World and Sagi Eliyahu, CEO for KMS Lighthouse

LaShawn: Hello everyone, I’m joined today by Sagi Eliyahu, the CEO of KMS Lighthouse.

He’s visiting us today at KM World to share a little bit about KMS Lighthouse, right?

Sagi: Yes, KMS Lighthouse is a global knowledge management company. We help our customers and partners to find the information they need when they need it.

The best example I can give is a call center – say you are calling with a question. Lighthouse empowers agents to provide accurate, consistent answers when they need it.

Then we have customers that have applied our knowledge management solution to branches – financial institutions and healthcare facilities, for example. Anyone who needs precise information on the spot, like bank tellers, benefit from having one single source of truth.

We also have customers that are using our solution on a mobile as they are providing service in the field. Our technology allows you to access information whenever and wherever you need it.

LaShawn: You mentioned one of the industries you cover is the financial services industry. What are some of the other industries that use KMS Lighthouse to solve knowledge issues?

Sagi: We serve every industry. We have customers in financial, insurance, healthcare, construction, hospitality, retailers… Airlines also work with us, Qantus – for example. We help every industry because they’re all founded on knowledge.

LaShawn: Ok, can you tell me roughly how long does a knowledge implementation take?

Sagi: Implementations can vary depending on many factors but typically take two to three months. The longest implementation we did so far took 6 months. The client was VT Bank, the 2nd largest bank in Russia, and we deployed KMS Lighthouse for its 40,000 users.

LaShawn: For companies that are researching knowledge management solutions, what makes KMS Lighthouse unique or different from other knowledge management systems?

Sagi: First of all, we focus only on knowledge management (KM). There are other companies that do KM in addition to other functions such as CRM or ticketing. Yes, they might have a knowledge piece, but they are not 100% dedicated, living, and breathing that mission. We wake up each morning, asking ourselves how we can make everyone’s lives better in terms of knowledge management. This is a key differentiator. Our 100% commitment results in a much richer, more advanced platform.

The second differentiator is that we are based in Tel Aviv, Israel, where the most cutting-edge technologies are being developed. So, our platform is very much influenced by being in an environment where the latest in AI, machine learning, and more on the cusp tech is being innovated. We just keep investing in technologies that enable immediate answers.

Another thing I can say is that we invest millions in our UI/UX to make our solution user-friendly. We don’t need to train you. You start to use it, and you enjoy it.

LaShawn: Ok, and how does a company go about buying your knowledge management solutions? Do they buy directly from you? Or one of your Partners such as TTECH?

Sagi: You can purchase directly from us, yes. You can find out everything at https://kmslh.com/.

LaShawn: Are there other partners you’re working with in this space?

Sagi: Yes, and we are always looking to expand our partner network. Now, we have existing partnerships, for instance, with Amdocs and Deloitte. We also collaborate with technology partners to create knowledge management integrations with Cisco, Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk, for example.

LaShawn: Ok. What type of business model do you operate in?

Sagi: We are a SaaS company. If you consume, you pay. If you don’t consume, you don’t pay. It’s all on our cloud, quite easy. You don’t need on-prem installation. It’s very easy to upgrade the system as you go. We charge per user.

LaShawn: What would you talk about with potential customers to help finalize their decision to adopt KMS Lighthouse?

Sagi: As knowledge management experts, we are leading the field in terms of the robustness of the products themselves and the technologies we are implementing. We’re informed by the market and research. We invest in R&D. We work with Gartner, Forrester, and other analysts who direct us. And this month, we are announcing a new version which includes AI and other research capabilities.

Also, we are launching a new, specific innovation soon. I’m not sure how much I can share at this moment in time – it will enable us to take documents that exist in the organization for let’s say, the last 30 years, and automatically maneuver them to KMS Lighthouse. So this is very innovative, coming soon in 2020 by KMS Lighthouse – our next-generation knowledge management platform.

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