5 Ways the Hospitality Industry Can Better Engage With Customers

April 23, 2018
You don’t need to hear another sales pitch. You know the importance of capturing and engaging your customers with customer engagement software. You know the crucial implications for collecting and analyzing all the digital data. The Hospitality Industry is particularly driven by positive engagement with consumers.

So, let’s take a look at the nature of engagement and how customer engagement software provides a solid foundation for increasing positive engagement. Here are 5 tips to remember.

1. Customer engagement is a value-creating, positive relation derived from active participation, persuasive collaboration, and superior experiences between your organization and customers.

2. Customer engagement software delivers on all the critical elements encompassing superior experience. The result for you is higher loyalty and an increase in the lifetime value of a customer.

3. Engaged customers are more likely to maintain that two-way relationship and repeatedly return to your products and services. During that process, you gain feedback that can help your organization better serve all customers.

4. Engagement develops when these three factors are operating:

  • Customers are dynamically interacting with your organization through conversation, speaking, listening, or watching.
  • Persuasive collaboration promotes idea sharing, challenging postures, and delivers feedback. Open channels of communication are a must between all of the stakeholders.
  • Customers are having superior experiences with access to reliable information that cuts across channels and promotes more meaningful conversations

5. Customers who consistently experience superior service are three times more likely to become repeat buyers. However, nearly 40 percent of people will avoid your business for two or more years after a bad experience. Positive word-of-mouth pays off with new leads and sales for years.

Recent research shows that 80 percent of businesses reported significant increases in profits after implementing customer engagement software along with having a customer experience management plan in place. In addition, these businesses had higher levels of customer loyalty, satisfaction, retention, and repeat business when compared to organizations that have no program.

Your customers want to reach out to you across multiple channels and devices. Increasingly, they turn to mobile devices and social media and expect two-way communication. Indeed, research shows that 70 percent of customers expect unique service tailored to their desires, and 92 percent of them want businesses to be proactive through customer engagement. Furthermore, 87 percent want to spend money with organizations that make it easy to do business.

For the Hospitality Industry, the key is locating the right customer engagement software that supports superior service and experiences, which consumers define as providing a seamless, differentiated, personalized consumer experience. Enabling your team to ensure that each engagement with a consumer is excellent is crucial to success. Customer engagement software will seamlessly connect and track all channels of communication with your customers and provide you with top-flight business intelligence and accurate data. Keep your customers coming back to you.

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