AI Solution for Customer Support: 5 Unique Benefits

ai solution for customer support

From reliable 24/7 responsiveness to reduced average handling times and lower operating costs, AI’s benefits in customer service continue to multiply. Here are just five ways your organization can profit by adopting an AI-powered customer service strategy.

Benefits of AI in Customer Service

It’s predicted that by 2025, up to 95% of all customer interactions will be through AI-supported technology. If you want to streamline operations (and who doesn’t?), AI-based customer service solutions are a cost-effective approach that helps call center agents and customers alike. Here’s how.

  1. Handle vast volumes of data. As customer interactions increase, so, too, does your organization’s data volume. All this data, though, would be of little value without AI. Why? Because humans don’t have the capacity to process it all. AI can quickly process huge quantities of data to give you the insights you need to predict customer behavior and needs. From there, you can do just about anything: create targeted marketing campaigns, solve complicated customer issues, and improve your organization’s knowledge base.
  2. Reduce average call time. This is one of the most beneficial features of AI-driven customer service. Customers love not having to wait as long to obtain the answers they need. Self-service options like chatbots answer basic inquiries immediately, enhancing customer satisfaction along the way. Other advantages of AI customer service automation include 24/7 support, quick scalability, and the ability to offer interactive options like online manuals and FAQs.
  3. Omnichannel presence. Multiple interaction channels encourage customers to keep in touch from wherever they and from whatever device they choose. AI enables you to centralize data and efficiently handle the large amounts of data an omnichannel presence requires.
  4. Optimize resources. When you integrate AI into the CX, multiple positive results follow. For instance, if you use chatbots, your support agents can more efficiently handle complicated inquiries and complaints. If you need to better track and manage inventory, an AI-powered solution helps you predict and make decisions on the data you collect from customers and sales. Best of all, AI lets you optimize your most valuable resource, the people who work for you, by taking over simple, menial tasks and letting agents focus on more complex tasks.
  5. Enjoyable CX. As you implement AI tools throughout your operations, customers are given the opportunity to improve their interactions. For example, you can send a customer personalized emails with product or service recommendations that target their preferences. The customer can then use AI tools to order, track, and provide feedback in a positive and seamless way. Amazon has used this model for years, and now businesses of all sizes and in every industry are adopting the same processes.

AI Solution for Customer Support

Lynn Hunsaker, Chief Customer Officer at ClearAction Continuum, believes shifting customer attitudes and behaviors are an opportunity for organizations to “tightly align with customers” and deliver a CX that meets them on their terms. Integrating AI for customer service provides a better CX, delivering the convenience, personalized service, and deeper engagement customers say they want.

Is your organization in need of a customer service makeover? KMS Lighthouse’s AI-driven customer service solutions deliver the reliable and accurate assistance your customers demand while providing you with the analytics you need to continually improve the CX. Whether that experience is delivered through chatbots, virtual assistants, or live agents, Lighthouse is a powerful platform that will enhance CX, increase customer satisfaction, and drive profits.


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