Benefits Of AI Powered Customer Service Strategy

May 3, 2021
customer service strategy
Customer-facing or B2B, organizations want to deliver exceptional experiences that not only leave their customers feeling valued but that also boost growth and profits. AI-driven customer service continues to gain traction as an essential tool for brands hoping to provide an ultra-personalized customer experience (CX) that keeps them ahead of the competition. With the potential to increase profitability by nearly 40% by 2035, AI solutions that are human-centric are a bold yet practical way to leverage what’s best about new technologies. When combined with existing software like CRMs, AI offers enterprise businesses a wealth of benefits.

In-Depth Understanding of Customers

AI and machine learning (ML) now make it possible for organizations to gather and analyze historical, social, and behavioral data that offers a deeper understanding of their customers. Unlike traditional data analytics solutions, AI uses the data it analyzes to continuously “learn” and improve, anticipating customer behavior. That allows them to provide relevant content that improves CX while increasing sales opportunities.

Colin Shaw, founder and CEO of Beyond Philosophy, recently penned a piece on what he refers to as customer science. In it, he discusses the fusion between technology (mainly AI), behavioral science, and data. “When I look at organizations today, the vast majority have neither rigor nor an in-depth understanding of customers and their experiences,” he says. He believes businesses that embrace the idea of AI-powered customer service have the potential to improve everyday experiences for customers while driving business and customer growth.

When integrated with platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Freshworks, AI customer service software provides increased functionality, including predictive analytics, virtual assistants, and real-time decision-making.

Real-Time Decisioning

Real-time decision-making allows you to make decisions based on the most recently available data, such as data from current customer interactions with your business. As part of an AI customer support strategy, you can use it to market to customers more effectively. For instance, you can use AI to identify customers who use ad blockers and provide them with an alternative way to receive your messaging.

Real-time decision-making also facilitates personalized recommendations by delivering content that is specifically relevant to a customer. These customized experiences are quicker and more convenient than traditional approaches and help eliminate common pain points in the customer journey.

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

A 2020 survey from MIT Technology Review found that nearly three-quarters of the 1,004 businesses who responded said AI-based chatbots are and would continue to be their most frequently used AI application. Another recent report indicated over half of customers say they’ve had daily AI-enabled interactions with businesses that included chatbots and virtual assistants. Nearly all the customers found the combination of AI and customer service to be a trustworthy and convenient experience.

While chatbots are a valuable tool that helps customers take care of minor issues on their own, they shouldn’t be relied on to take the place of all human interaction. Call center agents and digital customer service solutions must work together to bring customers the solutions they’re looking for. A robust knowledge base in AI makes it easier for customers and agents alike to access the same relevant information necessary to solve customer problems.

Meeting the Need for AI in Customer Service

Other benefits to AI-powered customer service include increased productivity, improved direct and multichannel support, and a reduction in average handle time. By leveraging AI to understand your customers better, make real-time decisions, and provide personalized experiences customers love, you can improve the CX through all touchpoints and across all channels.

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