Shorten call times with precise answers

Before Lighthouse, agents may provide different responses to the same questions depending on who responds. With one single point of truth, the Lighthouse call center knowledge base helps your call center agents speed up calls and avoid inaccuracies. Lighthouse call center knowledge management system can function like a personal assistant to answer on-the-job questions. Lighthouse ensures information is readily available, and onboarding and training time is cut in half.

Build better customer relationships

Upselling and cross-selling become a breeze with all product/service knowledge easy to tap into and compare.
In addition, there’s improved internal agent experiences that carry through and extend to the customer experience.
Our Item Comparison feature allows agents to compare different packages, pricing, etc. In real-time, while on a call with your customer

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We’ll do an assessment of your current knowledge management system and make recommendations for improvement, if needed, whether you choose to work with us or not.

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