Achieve consistency across all channels

When your business offers a consistent customer experience, you win customer satisfaction and loyalty. Reports indicate that 95% of customers are using three or more channels in a service experience. Lighthouse provides the knowledge behind the chatbot or virtual assistant so that your business gains consistency and accuracy across every channel (call center, virtual assistant, website). When you ask a chatbot, Alexa, or other digital/voice assistants, you receive an exact response to your inquiry pulled directly from the Lighthouse knowledge base. With Lighthouse technology and the content from Lighthouse completely integrated with your existing virtual assistant tool, you’ll be able to work faster, be more productive, and fill in knowledge gaps. Consistency of knowledge makes all the difference in customer trust and loyalty.

Get interactive support

Your virtual assistant, chatbot, or voice assistant acts as a frontline worker by using natural language processing technology from Lighthouse knowledge management system. It’s easy to scale up with no training or coding required. Before Lighthouse, employees could be spending their time hunting for answers, researching. With improvements by Lighthouse, customers save valuable time by using automated, centralized, and consistent, up-to-date information. Avoid a heavy call load to the call center by empowering your customers to locate the exact information they need and increase their level of satisfaction.

Get a Quick Assessment

We’ll do an assessment of your current knowledge management system and make recommendations for improvement, if needed, whether you choose to work with us or not.

And we promise, no high-pressure sales!

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