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Even with self-service online tools such as reviews and bookings, planning a trip can be a tall order and brings on hundreds of questions. KMS Lighthouse offers a fully-customizable, branded, easy-to-use, hospitality knowledge management platform that helps agents and customers answer their questions in seconds: the difference between winning and losing a customer.

Understand your customers better
Managers, you can collect data from your agents’ bookmarked and most used content pages. Then you can tailor your services to match customer FAQs and grow your revenue. Serve customers smarter with knowledge management in hospitality.

Empower agents and customers
Leverage Lighthouse’s countless tools by implementing a chat widget or a FAQ area on a website to direct customers’ decisions as they make them. Another option is to use a branded message widget filled with breaking news such as local updates or complementary offerings. Lighthouse’s knowledge management solutions are endless.

Streamline the customer journey from start-to-finish
Knowledge management in the travel industry helps you acquire new customers or retain existing ones by enabling you to provide answers easily, efficiently across channels, at every point of contact – including chat on desktop and mobile and live agent. Lighthouse helps you answer your customers wherever they are.

How Lighthouse knowledge management system for travel and hospitality can help?
Simplify buying decisions with automated guided templates on calls and self-service approach on web/mobile
Shorten training times
Provide information across channels
Reduce call times and call duration
Capture higher margins with tighter service processes and reporting structure

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