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Insurance Industry

Knowledge management brings your insurance business to new levels. Keep your customers satisfied and grow revenue by centralizing all your data in one place. With an end-to-end insurance knowledge management system, reduce piles of paperwork and make more sales by offering the best plans for segmented customers.

Focus on maximizing revenue streams

  • Sell more with greater ease of information, ability to share articles directly from KMS
  • Allow risk managers to better engage with customers
  • Reduce errors by giving agents and customers one single source of truth
  • Update regulatory, plan or pricing changes throughout the system in seconds

Streamline business operations
From agents to re-insurers, underwriters to customers, the insurance value chain members need fast, customizable ways to onboard and train staff, capture and share insurance plan options, distribute pricing details, sign off on important documents, and on and on. Knowledge management for the insurance sector offers the best way to maximize your day-to-day business activities.

Open API allows easy integration into your existing systems
When you have your CRM open, you can pull information directly from Lighthouse – from your mobile phone or desktop. An agent in the field can immediately respond to a customer inquiry. Even such tasks as scheduling equipment deliveries become automated as coverage is confirmed through the system.

How Lighthouse knowledge management system for insurance can help?
Offer an easy way to compare insurance plans to inform potential customers
Reduce costly paperwork
Streamline the way data is stored and accessed
Train agents and employees fast
Cut operating costs with higher productivity
Allow risk managers to avoid spending precious time behind mountains of paperwork
Reduce errors by giving agents and customers one single source of truth

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